Design By Luca Scacchetti


CODE : K03 K25 K26 K27

TEATRO living cabinet takes the design language of its collection to new heights. The use of unique angled handles and a miter cut joinery deliver a vivid and interesting visual form to the design. A combination of solid wood and lacquer creates a sturdy and original appearance. The combination of open and closed spaces provides flexible storage capabilities. The TV cabinet unit can have one or two storage levels. The different length of its lacquered strips in the wood frame adds an aesthetic element to the piece’s structure. Side cabinets to the left or right can be rearranged as desired.

SIZE : Free standing cabinets : 1886*500*580mm; 2338*500*580mm; 2790*500*580mm

                                                         74.3*19.7*22.8" ;  92*19.7*22.8" ;  109.8*19.7*22.8"

                                                         1886*500*350mm; 2338*500*350mm; 2790*500*350mm

                                                         74.3*19.7*13.8" ;  92*19.7*13.8" ;  109.8*19.7*13.8"

          Composed cabinets : 2966*500*1500mm; 3418*500*1500mm; 3870*500*1500mm

                                                  116.8*19.7*59.1" ;  134.6*19.7*59.1" ;  152.4*19.7*59.1"

          Free standing end cabinet : 540*340*1500mm