The shop of HC28 designed by Francois Champsaur,started with the exterior walls and Logo in “golden copper concept”.

Warm grey wood floor, light golden grid in oak, and some blue or yellow green painted walls offer guests a pleasant, fresh and relaxed shopping experience.

Wandering in the shop, people can feel the ceaseless flux of grid and the long-lasting contemporary style.

By beautifully intertwining the tranquility of the east with the energy of the west, the shop brings a warm, cozy feeling anda strong, yet peaceful ambience.

In 2016, the cross-over designer Feng Liu carried out a comprehensive image upgrade of the brand’s flagship store in Beijing. Mr. Liu combined the wisdom from “blank spaces” found in oriental painting with a very modern frame language, filling every space up, inside and outside the structure, with a sense of vivid landscape imagery. The elements used ingeniously “borrow scenery” by combining materials such as copper, mirror and frames, allowing limited images to evoke infinite intention. This portrays the wisdom in oriental cultural creation and their interaction with time.