Design of the Space: A Work of Minimalism


The design smoothly integrates the interior and outer spaces. Curved surface replaces traditional straight lines to depict the vividness and delicacy of nature.

Instead of intricate embellishment, the designer chooses art paint with colors imitating nature and decorating surface with wooden texture. The space looks simple, warm and tasteful.


Design of Areas and Circulation: From Product-Oriented to Consumer-Oriented


To show first-time customers the fascinating ecological scene created by the brand and catch their eyes by visual marketing, the designer introduces a stylish concept of theatrical window display.

The new shop considers different room sizes by applying theatrical design concept. Customers could have authentic experiences in the restoration of real-life living spaces.


Explore the Co-Existence of Nature and Space

Vibrant flora landscape and lifelike scenery painting scrolls highlight the connection between nature and life and speak the “poetic lifestyle” advocated by the brand.