HC28 Cosmo unveils 2021 new products

HC28 Cosmo held a new-product event in Wen’an county of Hebei Province, October 19, 2021. The rising China-chic is backed by the emerging Chinese manufacturing sector and Chinese brands, reflecting the confidence in the quality of made-in-China products.


As a leading original design furniture brand, HC28 Cosmo has been striving to innovate design and upgrade products. It aspires to win the market competition with high-quality homegrown items and to help the ecosystem of China’s consumption industry rediscover the power of domestic brands.


During the past decade since its establishment, HC28 Cosmo has been driven by innovation, which is deeply rooted in its DNA. It focuses on product design and improvement, and brand building. Its founder Li Jianwei introduced the future development plan of HC28 and HC28 Cosmo and the signature new products of the year to guests and press on the event.


The brand’s distributors from all over China participated were present. They appreciated the new products and exchanged experiences on intelligent interconnection. HC28 Cosmo hoped the event serve as an accelerator for both the brand and its distributors to thrive abreast with the unstoppable momentum of China-chic.