2020 CIFF Shanghai Hongqiao: To be creative To be in love with a beautiful life

The 46th China International Furniture Fair (Shanghai) ended with great success at National Exhibition and
Convention Center on September 10th , 2020. Playing the roles of avant-garde original brands, HC28 and HC28 Cosmo appeared at the fair with their new collections in a gesture of elegance. The works contained reflection on the meaning of home, contemplation on design, perfection of craft and exploration of lifestyle.


In 2020, HC28 Cosmo’s partner list included not only top foreign designers such as Sebastian Herkner but also Chinese rising stars such as Frank Chou and Ximi Li. German designer Herkner created BERLIN sofa and GRASSI Coffee table in his first cooperation with the brand. The exterior of his furniture served to facilitate its function. The appearance of every piece was so simple and understandable that users can truly understand the idea expressed in its design and feel comfortable in the meantime.


HC28 has a poetic style while HC28 Cosmo is more open and diversified. The two brands attract public attention with their pure and simple looks. Designers put their thoughts of life in their works and remain restrained to avoid overdesign. They never stop training their basic skills to create more and more sustainable classic furniture.